Looking on social media, I see a lot of memes like “It’s the 4th day of homeschooling. One student has dropped out, one has been suspended and the teacher is drinking on the job” or “You suddenly realize that quarantine looks like your normal life.” Besides being a Realtor, I am a homeschooling mom so I really enjoy those! There is truth behind all that humor. Many people are worrying right now – scary stories abound, kids are bored (and maybe complaining), will our kids “fall behind” in school, will we run out of food or money.

                As I frequently tell my son, our emotions (to a certain extent) are based on our point of view. We can view this time in America from a place of fear and anxiety or we can view it as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn how to look for the good (there really is a lot of it out there). An opportunity to start good habits – read some each day (the library has ebooks you can check out that are available on all formats), take a walk outside, do crunches, research some healthy and easy recipes. An opportunity to do those projects you never get around to doing – organize that closet, shred that old paperwork, figure out a way to file all those instruction manuals and other booklets and papers that accumulate, and balance those checkbooks! An opportunity to grow as a family – play board games, play that video game your kid loves (you may not be good but you both can laugh about that!), start a family movie night, walk with your “better half” around the neighborhood and talk about something other than your jobs. An opportunity to plan your future – talk to mortgage lender now about your future plans and set up a plan to accomplish them (let me know if you need recommendations). And, yes, you can homeschool your children. Google the grade and you can find lots of free sites with worksheets, etc.   

                You can fill your mind with the fear or with possibilities. It’s your choice. My Facebook page is full of the facts about this pandemic and the good news too.     

You can email me any questions or comments!

Published by staceyalleyrealtor

I moved to Harford County in 1993 and fell in love with the area, it's location (so close to Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia), and it's people. I have spent over 20 years in the Real Estate industry - mostly educating people so the process isn't so scary.

One thought on “POSITIVE STEPS

  1. Thank you for the positive message & ideas . I have 4 kids home now from 24-16 it’s interesting watching them all interact in our 2 bed room apartment.


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